HEATGENE Stainless Steel Brushed Wall-Mounted Outdoor/Indoor Shower - HG9010N

$978.00 USD

Model #: HG9010N

Brand Name: HEATGENE

Finishing: Brush finishing

Material: 316 Stainless Steel pipe + 304 Stainless Steel small parts

Diverter: One 2-way Diverter Cartridge

Material: Ceramic

Temperature control: Manual 

Installation Type: Wall-Mounted

Cold & Hot Water: Yes

Weather Resistant: Yes

Scratch Resistant: Yes


Note: When the temperature in your location may be below 0 degrees in winter, please disassemble the product and place it inside to avoid low-temperature damage to the product.



◆Lead-free and Eco-friendly

◆Has accessories for easy installation


WARRANTY: 5 Years 


Package Dimensions: 47.24 × 22.83 × 7.87 inches

Shipping Weight: 33 lbs

Item height: 70.47 inches

Shower head diameter: 9.84 inches


Click to Download Installation Instruction 

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